It's well known that the Brauns of Reckless Kelly and Micky and the Motorcars love golf, baseball, and having fun. So it comes as little surprise when something such as an alter-ego band to support waste management pops up on the internet.

Check out the latest hit song song and video from the The Ball Washers - comprised of Micky and Gary from Micky and the Motor Cars, Cody, Willy and Joe from Reckless Kelly with Bukka Allen on keys featuring Peter and Amy Jacobson on vocals.

According to RK's official facebook it's all for a good cause:

We did this a special edition of Jakes Takes for the Phoenix Open Waste Management The video aired last weekend on NBC . Buy the song on itunes and all the money will go to Waste Management charities! The song is "It's a Jungle in Here." The band is
Jake Trout & The Ball Washers with Amy Jacobson!

Here is the link to download the new tune:

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