Cactus Market Days is always a fun experience and has been for years now in Historic Downtown San Angelo. It's always held at the same the parking lot at 17 East Twohig which is easy to find because it's right across from the Cactus Hotel Downtown. Hours run from 10 am until 4 pm.

Enjoy shopping for many various and unique local handcrafted items like handmade candles, jewelry, crosses, wood deco, Leather, metal art, ceramics, soaps and cosmetics, clocks, dream catchers, bird houses and bird feeders, paintings, custom knives, sewing and crochet items, bowls, boxes, wooden novelty items and gifts, wooden benches and swings, dolls, pottery, stained glass and many more items.

As mentioned earlier, the theme this Saturday is "Back to School". Therefore The Concho Valley Home for Girls will be there accepting donations for school supplies and toiletries, Bring your appetite because Ray‘s BBQ truck will be there plus Local DJ Robert Compton will be providing music for the event. For more information, call Judy Fowler at 325-949-6200..

Cactus Market Days takes place on the third Saturday of every month and dozens of Arts and Crafts plus Food Vendors set up for business with various types of entertainment offered throughout the day. Judy Fowler started Cactus Market Days back in 2013 and it continues to grow in popularity, attracting more and more vendors and shoppers constantly. If you would like to have the built in foot traffic that Cactus Market Days can offer you for selling your arts and crafts, call Judy at (325) 949-6200.

Happy shopping this Saturday and be sure to donate to The Concho Valley Home for Girls for "Back to School" supplies.

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