Get ready to be entertained as comedian, musician and armchair philosopher Chad Prather and the Ragamuffins comes to Murphey Performance Hall this Sat, Aug 13th!

Chad is not necessarily what you would think of expecting in a stand up comedian. Not only is he a very funny man but he brings much more to the stage including knowing how to motivate and inspire as he makes you laugh! This is a live comedy tour like none other that you have experienced.

Prather is most definately an unapologetic champion for anyone looking for a reason to smile and receive some very interesting perspectives on various subjects thrown in along the way as well. Prather's God-given gift to entertain and inspire has made him a household name.

Chad Prather is not afraid to tell it like he sees it either. He refuses to compromise on the things he's most passionate about. From acting and comedy to music and motivational speaking, Prather is very well rounded in many aspects of life.

Chad is no stranger to making many appearances on numerous TV shows including Fox News, CNN, A&E, The Blaze, MSN and more, and his talents have been praised by the likes of Southern Living, Nash Country Weekly and Newsweek.

If you're wondering about The Ragamuffins and their part in alll of this, they were formed in 2021 to fulfill the demand for their Greatest Hits album. Seemingly coming out of nowhere, this trio has taken the 'music from the sofa' scene by storm! Often referred to as the best things to hit upholstery, these guys will have you singing along, laughing and wondering why you didn't form that band back in college. The Ragamuffins will tell you.....We're Famous!!

This is going to be a great show. For more information, go to

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