Even though rainfall has touched the Concho Valley over the past few days the City of San Angelo reaches Drought Level III.



As of September 14th San Angelo met the criteria to enter Drought Level III, which is the final stage of the city's plan.  City Council will consider implementing the restrictions for this level in their City Council meeting on Tuesday September 18th. Drought level III is achieve when the city has less than 12 months of water supply remaining. Under the restrictions of Drought Level III there will no outside watering, the refilling of fountains and swimming pools is prohibited, and car washing unless there is a public safety or public health risk will be included in that as well.

Some noticeable changes to your water bill will also be included in the passage of Drought Level III contingency, an additional fee of $6 will be added to your bill for every 1000 gallons of water used over 10,000 gallons for a single family home.

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