You may or may not have noticed that Cody Canada dropped "The Departed" from his socials a while back. Either way, Cody and the boys are back with new music. Their first new release since their album 3 came out in 2018.

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If you missed it, earlier this month Rolling Stone shared an excerpt of a new book, "Red Dirt: Roots Music, Born in Oklahoma, Raised in Texas, at Home Anywhere," that is set to be released on September, 19th. And of course Cody's original band will be a center piece of the book which chronicles the rise of the Red Dirt scene. It promises to go in-depth about Woody Guthrie, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Stoney LaRue, and more. It also features the last interview that Turnpike Troubadours did together as a band before announcing their "indefinite hiatus" in May of last year. Maybe

If you'd like to watch Canada discuss the break-up of Ragweed in depth click here for a great interview with our friends from the PlayList:

I was really pissed off. It was coming, we saw it coming. If you watch any band that breaks up you can see the date that they split and go backwards and see it coming... When it did go down it went down in a heated argument. There was a lot of anger, and then the next day I was kinda scared... Sixteen years is a good run... getting back together will never happen.

And remember "Red Dirt: Roots Music, Born in Oklahoma, Raised in Texas, at Home Anywhere," hits bookshelves on September, 19th.

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