A New York man is going broke because of a bizarre custody battle with his ex-girlfriend.

However, the custody battle isn’t the bizarre part — it’s who the couple is fighting over.

What makes this particular domestic dispute so twisted is that this man has spent over $60,000 in attorney’s fees trying to win back custody of his dog, Knuckles, after he says his ex-girlfriend packed up and took the pooch to California after they broke up.

In court papers, Craig Dershowitz claims that his ex-girlfriend, Sarah Brega, “kidnapped” Knuckles, whom he considers his “son.” The ex-girlfriend says that Dershowitz gave her possession of the dog.

Dershowitz has even created a website to help raise money for his custody battle. However, the fundraiser is not off to a very good start — Dershowitz only raised $85 in the first week.

Whoever ends up with Knuckles, here’s hoping he gets a good home.

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