DALLAS, TX -- Two officers were gunned down at a Black Lives Matter Protest in Downtown Dallas. One officer was taken to the hospital and the officer's condition is unknown. The other officer was transported but sources do not know where.

The situation as of 10 p.m. is an active shooter situation and Police have asked protesters to get to a safe place and avoid the downtown area.

The protest begin when Philando Castile was shot in the chest by an officer and his girlfriend live stream the incident on Facebook. Alton Sterling was shot dead by officers in front of a convince store in Louisiana.

UPDATE: 11:27 pm Suspect in picture has turned himself in, according to Dallas PD another suspect claiming to be part of the shooting has been taken into custody.

UPDATE: 11:00 pm Dallas PD stated snipers were in parking garages and looking for suspects.

UPDATE: 10:42 pm Officers on megaphones urging protesters to get out of the area. Dallas PD announced a press conference at 11 pm CNT.

UPDATE: 10:33 pm News reports sniper in elevated area has shot 10 officers, three officers have been killed.

UPDATE: 10:11 pm - Fox news reports sources say three to six officers may have been shot.