Well, if you have nothing else better to do like work or take care of your family this Wednesday, you're in luck. Lone Star Liberty of Texas will be protesting the new national threat of people doing people things.

The weather looks to be nice on the fine hump day this week. You might want to refrain from liquids in this protest however, you do not want to be caught with your pants down (if you know what I'm saying). In the Facebook event LINK HERE,

San Angelo, Texas schools district has said that they would comply with Obama's Forced Transgender bathroom policies. Texas WILL NOT be FORCED to comply to these immoral, dangerous, Liberal ideaologies that will harm our children. The people of San Angelo need to rise up and speak against this insane target on our children. As school tax payers in San Angelo our voices need to be heard. Please join us as we let the ISD know we stand against their decision.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a protest against gay or transgender people. This is about keeping our children safe.

PLEASE NOTE: It is "Ideologies."

Anywho, if you need to attend an event about where to potty, Lone Star Liberty will help you out! Enjoy your Monday bathroom break!


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