Oh wait, you mean I can’t be on the court?So Sunday was a first in the Denver vs. Los Angeles game which I might add that the Lakers did win but who cares about that? The real fun was when a lady walked out on to the court and was quickly escorted off by security and police. Savannah McMillan-Christmas was cited for trespassing and shortly after picked up by her mother at the Pepsi Center. Security officials say that this is standard protocol for anyone who gets on the court unauthorized. McMillan-Christmas has a court date set in Colorado for June the 5th.

Watch the video here

So after seeing this awesome act of trespassing it made me think of some of my favorite videos of spectators jumping the walls and running on the field or court so i have complied my 3 favorites for you to watch.




I really love the third one where the guy planks on second base! Awesome!!!

Tell us what your favorite spectator interaction is and we just might share it on our page!