The NBA Finals gets underway on Tuesday.  Two of basketball’s most explosive stars will go up against each other in Kevin Durant and LeBron James. While they have each seen success, neither has a ring yet. Who will get their first and who will win more of them?James has been searching for a championship ring since 2003. It’s the last thing he needs to really complete his legacy as one of the greatest the game has ever seen. He now has a third opportunity or a title. Last season, LeBron and the Heat fell to the Dallas Mavericks and in 2007, LeBron, then with the Cleveland Cavaliers, was swept by the San Antonio Spurs. Is the third time a charm?

While LeBron has been trying for that ring for almost 10 years, Durant is getting his first chance at it, but this could be the year. His Oklahoma City Thunder is working like a well-oiled machine while rolling through the playoffs. Could Durant’s squad bring some rings to Oklahoma City?

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