The conference finals have kicked off in the NBA.  Each of the four teams has potential to win a ring, but which match up do you want to see the most?In the Eastern Conference, we have the Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat.  These two teams want nothing more than to beat each other. Miami is the future, while Boston has three of the best veteran players in the NBA who want one more championship before they hang it up. Miami took the first game of the series, but the Celtics aren’t a team that will just roll over and die.

The west has two of the most impressive teams in the league in another case of young versus old. The San Antonio Spurs have been a constant contender for the NBA title for over a decade now, while the Oklahoma City Thunder are a young hungry team who is on the cusp of their teams first championship.

So, out of these four teams, which matchup would you like to see most in this year’s NBA Finals?

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