Despite their 94-90 Game 5 loss to the Boston Celtics and dwindling playoff hopes, the Miami Heat had a least one positive fan during Tuesday night’s game in a young boy who repeatedly shouted encouragement as they dejectedly filed off the court.

“Good job! Good effort!” Probably learned that from his pee-wee league couch or a really snarky school teacher.

It’s difficult to say whether the young boy, who shouted “Good job! Good effort!,” was sincere or not. (We suppose he could have been a Celtics fan looking to twist the knife.) Either way, the kid displays good sportsmanship rarely seen in fans.

It is a little strange that none of the Heat players acknowledge the kid. Instead, the numbly file into their locker room hanging their heads. Were they just ignoring a sarcastic Boston fan or were they too depressed from their stunning defeat to even notice?

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