Nothing is normal in 2020. School, dating, life, is all out of wack because of COVID.

BUT one thing that seems to be having the weirdest changes, is sports.

Seasons are shortened, players aren't playing, football players are buying baseball teams. It's all weird.

Due to these new changes, I do NOT want any of my teams to win championships this year.

My teams are the Los Angeles Chargers and the San Diego Padres.

Neither one of my teams have ever won a championship.

When they finally do, I do not want there to be an asterisk.

Everyone knows sports trolls online are the worst human beings.

They'll say things like "your team only won because it was a shortened season" or "you only won because these players werent playing".

I do not want to deal with that. Any other team can win. I just don't want mine to.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

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