Welcome to your new nightmare.

Stories like this give me goosebumps. Just imagine you're about to sit down on the toilet and you see a snake's head. Imagine if you rushed to the toilet and just plopped down and did your business on that snake's head? He is gonna get revenge on that butt of yours for doing what you did to him.

Over in Brazo's County, Texas Ben Tedrick was fixing up a house when a worker alerted him of a snake in the toilet. Water had been shut off apparently for awhile and Mr. snake decided to do some exploring. Tedrick said although the situation itself was surprising, he said he was most caught off-guard by the strength of the snake and how much force it took to remove it from the pipe.

Tedrick had about three feet of the snake out of the toilet and the little guy curled up. The snake actually forced Tedrick forward from the coiling. "I wouldn't have messed with it if it would have been able to escape on its own, but it was not getting out of that sewer system," Tedrick said. "Plus, we had people working, trying to get stuff done, and it's just a distraction. It's your worst nightmare."

This is rare, but it could happen. Which is why I am having a panic attack every time I use a toilet now for the rest of my life.

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