Last night was one of Derek Jeter's, the New York Yankees' shortstop, last games in Arlington, Texas. Ever. Let that sink in. Derek Jeter is a household name, even for the likes of us Texans. He is one of the greats and, because of that, something pretty spectacular happened last evening. George W. Bush paid it forward. If you remember, just weeks after the September 11, 2001 attacks, George W. was asked to throw the opening pitch at a Yankees game. As he was warming up, Jeter told Bush, "Throw from the mound. Or else they'll boo you. But, don't bounce the throw. Or you'll get booed." It was such an awesome piece of advice that Bush even recounted the story in his book, 'Decision Points'. But, back to the pitch. He threw a strike. Just sayin'. 

So, 13 years later, George W. wanted to give a farewell gift to a Yankees legend.

Among his other farewell gifts, Jeter received: a check for his charity, Turn 2 Foundation, a pair of custom made cowboy boots with the Yankees' logo and Jeters name embroidered on them, and a framed picture of Bush and Jeter talking all those years ago.

No matter your political opinion of the man, George W. is a through and through American and Texan, and he know to show respect to one of the great legends in baseball. You'll be missed Derek Jeter. With all our love and respect, Texas.
Thanks to Richard Dargan, he compiled 10 presidential pitches for your viewing pleasure. It's pretty awesome to see how it has evolved over 100 years. Check it out!

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