I spent a Halloween night at Fort Concho back in 2006.  I slept in the empty officers quarters with several co-workers. We bedded down in Officer's Quarters 1 in the upstairs bedroom.  It was a fun night and very spooky.   Unfortunately, the ghost of Edith Grierson never showed up.

Edith Grierson was a 13-year old girl who died of typhoid fever in 1878. She is one of the ghosts most often "seen" at Fort Concho. Many claim they have seen Edith Grierson.  Coming soon, you will have that opportunity at the lendary "Fort Concho After Dark" event.

This year's "Fort Concho After Dark" has two nights--Friday October 14th and Saturday, October 22nd from 8p-10p.  General Admission tickets are just $10 and they are going fast. Tickets are available at Barracks 1 Sutler Store at 630 Oakes Street.

This spine tingling event is a guided walk through of the most creepy sites of Fort Concho. There will even be a paranormal investigation in Officer's Quarters 1, Hospital and a few others as well.

Let's meet the ghosts of Fort Concho.

According to Legends of America, the most haunted buildings at Fort Concho are situated on "officers Row"  It is there that Colonel Ranald S. Mackenzie lingers at his old home at the center of Officers Row. People often hear the sounds of footsteps and cracking knuckles.  This was one of the Colonel's weird habits.

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Of course Edith Grierson known as "Eedie" is often spotted in Officer Quarter 1.  People often report coldness before she materializes. I remember cold spots in the quarters during our stay in 2006, but nothing materialized.

The post headquarters has also been witness to ghostly encounters.  People have seen a shadow soldier.  Legend has it, the specter is the ghost of Second Sergeant Cunningham, the only soldier to die at Fort Concho.  He was not a victim of war, unless you consider chronic alcoholism to be a war.

People also hear the disembodied voices of Chaplain Dunbar and an unidentified officer's wife at the post chapel and strange lights.

Grab your tickets and get ready to enjoy one of the legendary hauntings of West Texas. I know the Halloween night I spent at Fort Concho in the Officer's Quarters will be a night I never will forget. Perhaps you will catch evidence that Fort Concho truly is home of spirits who never left.

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