It’s a natural reaction to attempt to prepare for the worst, but experts agree that there is no need to hoard supplies during this difficult time. 

As panic over the current coronavirus pandemic spreads, grocery store shelves continue to empty with people hoarding everything from toilet paper to hand-sanitizer

States across the country are stepping up and taking more aggressive measures to ensure that citizens stop spreading the highly contagious virus. Many residents are being asked to stay inside their homes as much as possible & practice social distancing. 

Ideally, you’ll want to limit the amount of trips that you take to the grocery store, for your safety and the safety of others. While there is no need to hoard food, it’s a good rule-of-thumb to make sure that you have at least two weeks worth of supplies on-hand especially if at some point you need to self-quarantine.

Take a thorough inventory of what you already have on hand before going to the store, so that your trip will be quick and efficient.  

Even with increased customer demand, there is no indication that food and other supplies will run out. Shelves may be temporarily sparse and you may not be able to get your favorite brands, but food supplies are being replenished regularly. 

If you take more than your share, vulnerable populations such as the elderly may suffer by going without or having to visit multiple stores and risking excessive exposure. 

If everyone will use a little common sense & stay calm, there will be enough for all!

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