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Incoming high school freshmen often hear tips from parents, siblings, & friends about starting their first year of high school. The transition from middle school to high school for most students is not as hard as it may seem.....

Usually, middle school students can easily adjust to high school within a few months of their freshman year. Here are just a few tips for incoming freshman from

Grades are important: While it is important for a student to try to do their best in school during any grade level, the high school grades are even more important, since they are what colleges will look at when considering applications for their school.
Don't be afraid of upperclassmen: By the time that a freshman starts his or her first day of high school, they have most likely heard several horror stories about how freshmen are picked on by the upperclassmen of the school. This usually is not that big of a problem though, since freshmen and upperclassmen have very little interaction, and most schools have a zero tolerance policy for bullying in any form.
Classes: The classes a freshman takes throughout their whole high school career can help when getting ready to go to college or to look for a job. Some advanced placement classes allow students to get college credits while they are still in high school and other classes teach students trades such as mechanics.
Being prepared: High school teachers expect students to have everything needed when the class begins. It is also important for students to study for tests and to do all homework that is assigned. Get behind in high school and it can be hard to catch up!
Making good choices: Most high school students have more freedom than a middle school student, but what a student does with this freedom can affect their future for many years after high school is over. Peer pressure, while it can be good sometimes, is often a problem with younger teens. It is important for a teen to make good choices throughout his or her high school career. The right choices in school will lead to a much more successful and happy life.

Enjoy your high school years and make lots of great memories!

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