San Angelo's Animal Shelter and Concho Valley PAWS is having a huge adoption event this weekend, Pittie Party, giving you the opportunity to adopt any dog for $20 or any cat for $10. Now might be a good time to pass along a few tips in selecting the right dog.

The humane society has some good advice for you to keep in mind. While almost any shelter dog can make a wonderful, lifelong companion for you and your family, some dogs will need more training, some will need more exercise and some will be happy to just sit on your lap.

What about your lifestyle?

If you live alone in a small apartment, for instance, adopting a large, active dog might not be the best choice, but if you're a runner and want a partner for your jogs, or maybe you have a large yard with plenty of room to roam, or you have a family of kids who will play with the dog all the time, it could be a great fit! A dog's size, exercise requirements, friendliness, assertiveness and compatibility with children should all figure into your decision. Remember, you're not just getting a dog; your new dog is getting a family.

If you are looking to adopt a dog at the shelter, keep in mind that the animals there will be stressed out to some degree. Quite often, a dog's true colors won't show until he's away from other animals and the shelter environment. So even if you walk past a kennel with a dog who isn't vying for your attention, don't count him out. He may just be a little scared or lonely.

An adoption counselor can help you select a canine who will match your lifestyle. Talk with them and chances are you will get some very helpful input in selecting your new family member.

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