If you are a girl, from Texas, between the ages of 25-40, then at, the very least, one time in your life you've stood on a bar stool (or table) and at the top of your lungs notified all the patrons that "'That's MY song!" as "Texas Angel" played on the jukebox.

Now it may have only happened once on drunken night on 6th Street, or maybe it was a hot afternoon in a tube floatin' down the Frio. Maybe it was every single Saturday in Fort Worth from the ages 20-26.

If not, it was definitely your first dance at your wedding. Don't lie, it was.

The song, written by Clay Garcia, became Honeybrowne's signature song, and has been getting Texans boot scootin' for over a decade. Late last week Jason Cassidy posted a video covering the song at the behest of fans, and we like it.


"Won't you smile for me my Texas Angel it'll be alright...." I sang this last Saturday to Joseys parents and friends and family to close out a very successful Muddin' For Josey Lynn memorial ride. I was asked to record and post an acoustic video of it, I'm no Clay Garcia but I hope it does the trick. I see us recording this and putting a JCB spin on it in the very near future. It's definitely one of the top 5 best songs in Texas country history in IMO. #TexasAngel #smileforme please check out my latest album 717 and my other records on iTunes 717 by Jason Cassidyhttps://itun.es/us/X1cE6 As well and my buddy Fred Andrews and Honeybrowne.

Posted by Jason Cassidy on Thursday, February 4, 2016

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