Workers say they will walk off the job this Friday, May 1st at numerous Big businesses including: Walmart, Amazon, FedEx, Target, Whole Foods, and other major companies.

Dozens of organizers have been planning the walkout in recent days. Some of the  workers feel they have not been taken care as they work on the front line of the pandemic we are experiencing. They say the companies are not providing things like paid leave, personal protective gear, health care benefits and hazard pay.

Part of the reason they are upset is that these companies are breaking records in profits and still not taking care of their employees.

May Day General Strike’ as it is being called encourages customers to boycott these businesses in support of the workers.

Organizers feel that there is too much emphasis put on reopening the country and economy when, in their opinion, the danger of the virus risk too many lives by moving forward with the plan to reopen.

It will be interesting to see how tomorrow goes, not only with a national walk-out with workers, but also locally. It will also be interesting to see how many shoppers stay away as well.

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