Watch out single ladies, Quinn knows how to cook, kinda.

Most of my adult life I spent at fast food restaurants. Now when I was younger that was okay, but i'm getting older and gaining too much weight. So I've decided to learn to cook.

My first challenge is one of my favorite foods, Pancakes.

Because just like Ron Sawnson says: I am a simple man, I like pretty dark haired women, and breakfast foods.

Here's how I accomplished my new task:


-Mixing bowl

-Pancake mix

-Whisk and spatula




Now comes the actual baking

-1 cup of pancake mix

-Add one egg

-Mix in 1/3 cup of milk

-Pour into dispenser (carefully)

-Spray onto griddle.

Then flip them and wait til they're golden brown. The lather them in syrup.

And then you go nuts. and enjoy.

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