What comes in a can and gets ate every 2.5 seconds?


SPAM!!! You guessed it every 2.5 seconds a can of SPAM gets consumed in the U.S.! Now I know that you are probably asking yourself I wander what the best way to eat this canned meat is but I couldn't tell you for sure because I have never had it! The top three ways I have found to be most popular on the internet are 1.Fry It In A Pan 2. Make it with eggs 3. Fried SPAM Sandwich. Your comment is more than welcome because I would love to know your favorite way to eat SPAM. But in the mean time I have devised a even greater plan for the use of SPAM. My top 3 uses for SPAM: 1. Feed it to your neighbors dog that keeps you up all night, 2. Stock up on it all year and pass it out as Halloween candy, 3. Stocking Stuffer's for those dreaded in-laws at Christmas time! Now in order to save my neighbor's dog, the neighborhood kids and any in-laws I may have send me your SPAM recipes so I can get to cooking!

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