It's Tax Day. Make sure you e-file by 11:59 pm tonight if you haven't done your taxes yet. And here's to hoping you get a big refund. Now here are five random facts found randomly on the Internet to get you by if you're currently doing your taxes:

1.  You can use Uber to hail a rickshaw in India.

2.  The Mexican flag has more colors than any other flag in the world . . . it's got 16, thanks to the coat of arms in the center.

3.  The color 'orange' was named after the fruit, not vice versa.

4.  The average man produces enough 'man-juice' in two weeks to impregnate every woman on the planet.

5.  Only two athletes have ever had their numbers retired across the entire league . . .  Jackie Robinson's number 42 is retired in all of Major League Baseball, and Wayne Gretzky's number 99 is retired across the National Hockey League.


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