It's Friday! We've made it to the weekend Concho Valley. Well here are five random facts found randomly on the Internet to get your weekend started!

1.  The AC/DC logo was based on the letters in the first book ever printed . . . the "Gutenberg Bible".  And the guy who created it was paid a one-time fee . . . never got any royalties . . . and also did the logos for Pepsi and "Time" magazine.

2.  English is Louis C.K.'s second language.  He lived in Mexico until he was seven, and spoke Spanish.

3.  Winston Churchill was voted out of office as the Prime Minister of England just TWO MONTHS after defeating the Nazis.  A guy named Clement Attlee beat him in a landslide.  Apparently voters thought a different party would be better in peace time.

4.  Only 6.7% of the people in the world have a college degree.

5.  Morgan Freeman has 107 acting credits . . . and has been nominated for 115 acting awards.  He's won 64 times and lost 51


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