Well it's Thursday and that means only one more day until Friday. To get you through the day and closer to the weekend, here are five random facts found randomly on the Internet. Enjoy.

1.  There are only 190 one-hour photo shops left in America . . . that's down from 3,066 in 1998.

2.  The town of Erwin, Tennessee hanged an elephant in 1916 because it killed a circus trainer.

3.  There are approximately 20 quintillion animals living on Earth.  That's 20 billion billion . . . which is a two followed by 19 zeroes.

4.  The term "big bang theory" was coined by a British scientist in 1949, who hated it and was trying to mock it.

5.  18.8% of the houses in South Carolina are mobile homes . . . that's the highest rate in the country.

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