It's Tuesday, just one more day until 'Hump Day', then you know it's downhill from there to the weekend. Here are five random facts found randomly on the Internet to get you through Tuesday to 'Hump Day'.


1.  Herbs come from the leaves of a plant . . . spices come from any part of the plant EXCEPT the leaves.

2.  America's top export is cars.  And our top import is . . . also cars.

3.  The airlines make an average of less than $6 in profit per passenger.

4.  Stephen Colbert was on "The Daily Show" for two years before Jon Stewart.  Colbert joined during the second season, when Craig Kilborn was still the host.

5.  Milky Way candy bars aren't named after the galaxy . . . they're named after a milkshake flavor that was popular in the 1920's



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