Starting this Thursday, Oct 14th, the Food and Drug Administration convenes for the first stage of deciding whether extra shots of Moderna and/or Johnson & Johnson vaccines should be dispensed.

Americans who got Pfizer vaccinations are already receiving an approved booster shot but those individuals who received the Moderna or Johnson & Johnson vaccine are waiting to learn if and when it will be their turn.

An estimated 103 million Americans are fully vaccinated with Pfizer’s formula, 69 million with Moderna’s and 15 million with J&J’s, according to the CDC. The reason regulators considered Pfizer boosters first is because the company submitted its data before the other vaccine makers.

This Thursday and Friday, the Food and Drug Administration convenes for the first stage in deciding whether extra doses of the two vaccines should be dispensed. After the FDA advisers give their recommendation, the agency itself will make a decision on whether to authorize boosters.

Next week, a panel from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will offer more specifics on if approved, who should get them. Then, It's decision is subject to approval by the CDC director.

Medical experts continue to debate the science and rationale for giving extra shots to those who already have significant protection.

The FDA meetings come as U.S. vaccinations have climbed back above 1 million per day on average, an increase of more than 50% over the past two weeks. The rise has been driven mainly by Pfizer boosters and employer vaccine mandates.

Finally, from the for what it's worth department, Dr. Fauci says it’s safe to trick-or-treat outdoors this year, especially for those who are vaccinated.

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