Sakia David, the New Jersey mom of a one-year-old boy who became trapped in a washing machine while being watched by a babysitter, is fighting mad and wants to press charges, she told ‘Today.’

Surveillance video of the incident made a big splash on the internet this week. Shot at the Federal Laundromat in Camden, New Jersey, the video shows an unidentified man jokingly placing the child in a washing machine while the boy’s sitter looks on. After the man closes the door to the machine, it locks and the spin cycle starts, sending the two adults into a panic. Fortunately, the boy was rescued when a laundromat employee killed the power.

David said she had no idea what happened to her son until she saw the video. And while police have officially ruled there was no intent to harm the child, David wants to press charges against the sitter, a woman named Sandra who happens to be the girlfriend of the boy’s jailed father.

“I left my child in her custody, she sat there and watched him put my baby in the washer, so it’s both their fault,” said David, adding that she wants the babysitter to be “punished and put in jail.”

What do you think? Should the babysitter serve jail time or was it all just a mistake? Watch video of the incident below.

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