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Deadly Wedgie
Brad Lee Davis, 33, of Oklahoma, has been charged with manslaughter after confessing to giving his stepfather a lethal wedgie.
Couch ‘Surfing’ in Mud [NSFW-VIDEO]
Now this looks like fun or maybe just dumb. And we've got rainy weather in the forecast, so I think I might find me a muddy field somewhere and have some fun or be dumb.
Anybody got a couch they're not using? Now watch this video with caution, there is explicit language in the video...
Buy a House And Get a Free Wife
A 40-year-old woman named Wina Lie in Indonesia is selling her two-bedroom house for about $75,000.  Which is a great price, but there's a catch.
If you buy the house, she comes with it as your new wife.
Her husband died 15 years ago, and she says she's been lonely ever since, so now sh…
Boy Gets Tooth Pulled By a Golf Swing
Wow, this kid has to be the bravest kid in the world!  They say slower you pull out a tooth, the more it’s going to hurt.  That’s an old adage that has led to quite a few quick ways to tooth extractions.  This one using a golf swing has got to be o…
Mike Tyson Almost Knocked Out Michael Jordan
Apparently Mike Tyson nearly came to blows with NBA legend Michael Jordan over Tyson's ex-wife in the 80's!  A recent report suggests the former heavyweight boxing champ took issue with Jordan's supposed relationship with the boxer's former spouse Robin Givens...
Monster Energy Drinks Are Satanic?
This YouTube video has been making the rounds on the Internet lately.  A woman claims that Monster energy drinks are the work of Satan.  She gets pretty descriptive in her arguments in the below video.  Better not drink the stuff or you'll be possessed...

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