Apparently Mike Tyson nearly came to blows with NBA legend Michael Jordan over Tyson's ex-wife in the 80's!  A recent report suggests the former heavyweight boxing champ took issue with Jordan's supposed relationship with the boxer's former spouse Robin Givens.  The article says Tyson confronted Jordan during an alcohol infused rant,

From the recollections of Rory Holloway, Tyson’s former friend and manager:

“Mike Tyson’s sitting there with his drink of choice, a Long Island Tea, and when he drinks his real feelings come out …,” Holloway writes.

“I’m telling the server to water his drinks down ‘cause I see where this is going. Mike stares across the table at Michael Jordan. He says, ‘Hey man, you think I’m stupid? I know you f—-d with my b—h.’

“Jordan looks like he just seen a ghost. ‘I know you messed with her,’ Mike says. ‘You can tell me.’


“It was a circus, for real, that night. Don King trying to change the subject. Me and John trying to hold Mike down. Mike telling everyone he’s going to bust Jordan’s ass. Jordan’s dressed sharp as always and he can’t get out of there fast enough.”

Givens divorced Tyson in 1988 amid claims of spousal abuse. Tyson later lost the heavyweight crown in 1991, and was convicted in 1992 of a rape charge. Upon his parole, despite several comeback attempts, Tyson failed to regain his top rank in the boxing industry.

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