McDonald’s has announced that at least for the time being, they are stopping the use of customer-operated soda fountains because of concerns about keeping customers safe from COVID-19.

The Wall Street Journal received a 59-page memo that said as part of new procedures for reopening, “beverage bars will remain closed or sectioned off and staffed in restaurants.”

That one change impacts over 14,000 McDonald’s locations just in the U.S.

The memo pointed out that the machines are difficult to clean and one franchise owner even said that he would rather shut the machine down than deal with the hassle.

Yahoo Finance reported that McDonald’s planned to make 50 changes in its processes to ensure social distancing and stronger hygiene measures.

Some of the other changes McDonalds is putting into effect will include using contactless payments, keeping play areas closed, adding protective panels on counters and drive-thru plus putting up signs to encourage social distancing.

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