It will be the first time in over 30 years that Rodeo Houston will offer fans a new rotating concert stage which will be introduced on opening day Feb. 27, 2018...

This new rotating stage was designed and fabricated by TAIT, the leading producer of live entertainment equipment in the world. It will feature the latest technology available in concert presentation.

Just a few facts about the new stage include:
1. A star-shaped stage with five star points, each with an arm length of 36 feet and a base of 23 feet.
2. Each star point can be raised individually or jointly and can be lowered to the arena surface or raised to create an elevated performance position.
3.It features a 48-foot diameter round rotating performance area. The previous stage had a 40-foot diameter.
4. The basic performance area sits 7 feet off of the arena surface.
5. There is a 22-foot-tall motion controlled LED backdrop video screen,
self-propelled with automated positioning system.

In case you are wondering who gets to use the new stage first, its will be Garth Brooks on Feb. 27th.

If you would like to see how this stage will look in action, check out the above video..courtesy of Rodeo Houston.

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