The Railway Museum of San Angelo will be showcasing their 100 year history as they become the "Scare Station" during Halloween.

This is their first time to make this transformation into what will be the "Scare Station" and they are making sure the presentation will be done in Hollywood production style. To help them create the right atmosphere, they have brought in some distinguished pros.

Shelby Bond, the son of museum board member Linda Bond is a veteran producer and director with 20 years of experience creating special-effects in various settings around the world and has been working with the Railway Museum this week helping to create the "Scare Station."

Emmy award-winning costume designer Felicia Rose is also here and working closely with Shelby Bond to create a haunted house experience that will be unforgettable!

Linda Bond explained the scenario by saying..."We thought it would be fun to play on the fact that there's a hundred years of history here so Scare Station is an exploration of that. In different rooms, you might see people from the 1920s during the oil boom, or you might see people from the very early San Angelo times. They are 'trapped' here, waiting to take the train somewhere, but they never get out of the station. It's just an exciting opportunity to learn more about the history."

The Scare Station haunted house at the Railway Museum of San Angelo runs from Oct. 14-31 at 8 p.m each evening. More information and tickets for this ghostly trip, click on or call 486-2140. The Railway Museum of San Angelo is located at 703 South Chadbourne.

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