The 4th of July didn't stop Blaine's Pub from celebrating Working Women's Wednesday.

This Wednesday was one of my all-time favorites. All the Blaine's Pub regulars were there having a good time. Every woman in the bar won money. Literally, every woman there took home cash. It was so much fun. This time around there was not live music, but we did have the tunes jammin on the speakers. The above picture is the food that Aaron O'Donnel, the manager of Blaine's, cooked. He is an excellent chef. Any food that man touches turns into yummy goodness. We have corn, potatoes, sausage, and of course those delicious looking shrimp. 



We also had a corn eating contest. We had 4 brave ladies take on each other to see who could eat three ears of corn. The lady bending down was the winner and walked home with $25 cash money.

Make sure you come out weekly to see what kind of crazy games we can think of. This week was fun and out of control! Don't miss next weeks Working Women's Wednesday at Blaine's Pub.