She doesn't just have one of the best albums of 2014 in Provoked. She isn't merely the first woman to score a Top 10 in Texas in over a decade. Sunny Sweeney has a special place in her heart for military men and women.

You may recall back in October of 2014, she posted this photo of a soldier at an airport to her Facebook page. It was shared nearly a million times and liked by 1.6 million people. Today Sunny has enlisted her friends, fans and followers for a special mission: finding the soldier who owns this ring.

According to her post: "My aunt found this Iraq war ARMY veteran's ring in the Hampton Inn in Natchez, Mississippi. It is sterling silver, and has the owner's full three-letter initials engraved on the inside."

If you are the owner, or know who is, DM Sunny.


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