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Coolest Building Ever Made
So we have all dreamed about if we had extra money laying around what we would do with it. Well I am here to tell you that I would buy a  few of these inflatable concrete buildings.
Why Cant We Buy A Coke for 5 Cents
Coca-Cola is everywhere. The drink is sold in just about every supermarket, drug store and gas station across the country and throughout the world. Not much has changed since the product's inception except, of course, the price.
5 Weird Things Americans Voted on Yesterday
You might not know it from watching TV, but Americans also went to the polls on Tuesday to cast their votes on a myriad of issues not involving a certain residence on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington. And some of those issues were a bit strange.
Which States In America Consume the Most Beer?
Well boys, we have to say that we’re a little disappointed in your beer drinking abilities these days since a recent report by the Beer Institute claims that beer consumption in the United States is down for the third straight year.
The good news is that while some of you lightweights where sucking d…
Man Arrested for Fighting Stop Sign
No matter how hard police tried, Raymond Garcia wouldn't *stop* fighting a stop sign. (See what we did there?) Officers in Roswell, New Mexico were responding to a report of a man fighting a stop sign, and that is exactly what they found. We aren't sure what the sign did, but it must'…
Red Bull to Launch Dude at Earth From Space
Okay. We get it, Red Bull -- you're EXTREME. They've certainly proved that point with their historic mission, which should be taking place today if weather holds. A trained pilot will be going a record 120,000 feet above the surface of the earth in a balloon, and then he's going …

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