You might not know it from watching TV, but Americans also went to the polls on Tuesday to cast their votes on a myriad of issues not involving a certain residence on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington. And some of those issues were a bit strange.

But who are we to judge? After all, in this country, one man’s Thunderdome is another man’s livelihood. Freedom!

Here are five of the weirdest issues Americans voted on yesterday:

Mandatory use of condoms in porn films: Believe it or not, the skin-flick industry called on the citizens of Los Angeles County to help determine whether condoms should be required practice while shooting porn movies.

Rights to the Grand Canyon: Arizonans were asked to settle a squabble over a giant hole in the ground. Voters cast their ballots on whether the Grand Canyon should remain property of the federal government or property of the state of Arizona.

Hunting and fishing rights: Seems like a no-brainer in states like Nebraska and Wyoming, but on Election Day, residents in these states were actually given the opportunity to have their rights to hunt and fish set in stone.

The legalization of marijuana: Colorado, Oregon and Washington voters cast their ballots on whether to legalize the drug for recreational use.

Labeling genetically modified food: California’s Proposition 37 sought to have labels put on all food in grocery stores that is genetically modified in some way.

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