I watched a video a few months back about this company offering a "hyperhydrophobic" spray that was in the testing phase. It is now up for purchase at the local supply stores.

Flickr-Clearly Ambiguous
Flickr-Clearly Ambiguous

The company is called Never Wet and they have come up with one of the coolest inventions that I have seen in a while. Its a spray on two step process that allows you to coat a item and it repels water.

If you're like me you are probably saying there is no way in heck that I can put something on my gloves and dip them in water and not get them wet. Call me a skeptic but I didn't believe it. So here is the promotional video that they have put together to market this product.

I am still a bit skeptical but I will be heading over to Home Depot to buy a can of this and try it out.


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