The hideous statue of Lucille Ball that stood in the center of Celoron, N.Y. has been replaced with a new statue that actually does her justice and is a much better likeness of the Lucy loved by all.....

Mark and Jetta Wilson commissioned the original statue, and they later donated it to the town of Celoron, Lucille Ball’s hometown. The town’s residents called the statue “Scary Lucy” for its unattractive appearance. It sat in place from 2009 until 2015 when it became a viral sensation worldwide.

The sculptor of the original statue was Dave Poulin who, after the backlash offered to fix the statue. Instead, a group of private donors came together to commission a new one. They chose from a group of 67 artists who submitted proposals for the project. Carolyn Palmer, a sculptor from New Jersey, won the commission and created a much more true-to-life Lucy.

The response to the new statue has been overwhelmingly positive.