Johnny Cash played venues all over the world and had fans worldwide as well. He even played and recorded a concert for some of his fans who were spending time in San Quentin prison in 1969.

As he performed for inmates in the maximum security prison, Cash connected with them. He sang songs that spoke to them. His tough, outlaw demeanor earned him respect and left a lasting impression on all who heard him that day.

Just for the record, Cash first performed at San Quentin on Jan. 1, 1959 and returned in 1969 to record the live album that would later become his 31st album, earning a Grammy nomination for Album of the Year and had sales that took it to triple platinum.

For our 'Throwback Thursday' feature,...I have found a Rare Video of a piece of Johnny Cash’s Show at San Quentin Prison in 1969. Check it out in the above video.





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