Stoney La Rue is a definite Texas Music icon and has a repertoire that will rival anyone in the scene. Take a peak inside to find out what we think his top 5 songs are that he ever released.

5. Texas Moon- This is one of the very first tunes Stoney ever released it comes from 2002 off of the "Downtown" album.  This is not your every day love song its a peppy up beat yet I still want to hold you close dancin tune. If you are a true Texas Red Dirt music fan you will know this song and know exactly what I am saying about it.



4. Look At Me Fly- This is one of Stoney's latest radio singles and comes to us of the "Velvet" album. It became one of my favorites as soon as I heard it and lucky enough it was his second single off the album and fans have gravitated to it and helped it run up the Texas Music Charts in a short period of time.



3. One Chord Song- This song from "The  Red Dirt" album is one of the best songs about love going right and the simplest form that it can exist in. It doesn't have to be all glitz and glamor it can be as simple as a one chord song. This song has been around for a long time and is one of those songs that put you in the mood to get out and half step on the dance floor.



2.Feet Don't Touch The Ground-This is Stoney's classic for a love song no matter where you are at when this song rings out thru the PA you head strait to find that girl to dance with and get to the dance floor before it gets to crowded. It tells a simple story but hits so close to home for many people its hard not to relate to it and get your boots moving to the sound of it.



1. Oklahoma Break Down- The first appearance of this song came on his 2007 album "Live at Billy Bobs" and fans immediately fell in love with it. The song was an instant hit with concert goers and became one of the anchors of the show that you had to wait to hear. Its the ultimate get you ready for the weekend song no matter what your doing when it comes on the radio you stop what your doing and turn it up so you don't miss a word.Never the less this song really brought Stoney to the top for quite some time and that's why I have picked it as his number 1 song.