You may remember that we posted a story about a week ago announcing that Glenn Frey’s son will join the Eagles on tour. Well Vince Gill has also been added to the band’s lineup...

According to the L.A. Times, Vince will share lead vocal duties with Glenn's son...24-year-old Deacon Frey for their upcoming concerts in New York and Los Angeles. Gill has always been close with the band members for years and sometimes even covers some Eagle songs in his live shows.

After Frey’s death, the Eagles were considering disbanding rather than carry on without Frey. It was a combination of a couple of things that changed their mind. One being the feedback from fans wanting them to stay together, and the second being able to keep founding member Glenn Frey alive in the band through his son Deacon joining the Eagles. Don Henley said that made everything feel right to continue.

Vince Gill will make the band even better with that golden voice and his ability to play anything with strings on it, and play it very well!

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