First things first, he is expected to make a full recovery, but it was a scary Sunday we're sure for John Jeffers and his pregnant wife, Hope. John suffered a skull fracture, and total hearing loss in one ear from the accident.

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Last night his wife took to Facebook to update friends, family, and fans on the condition of one of Whiskey Myers' co-founders:

He had an ATV accident Sunday. He has a skull fracture + total hearing loss in one ear, but we were reassured by the neurosurgeon + ENT at Medical City that both will heal + he will hear again. He is pretty banged up, with lots of stitches to his head + knee. They believe a bolt went through his skull + barely missed his carotid artery.  He is at high risk of infection due the location of his fracture so specific prayers that he stays infection free.

The couple revealed back in May that they are expecting their first child. "My wife Hope and I are blessed to say we are pregnant," John told PEOPLE. "This is an answered prayer during one of the most uncertain times, not only in the music industry but throughout the world."

Our thoughts and prayers are going out to John and Hope. Heal up soon, amigo.

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