I had a chance to catch up with William Clark Green before the Three Guitarristas show tonight, December 15th, at Midnight Rodeo.

He is happy to be back in West Texas to perform one of the only four shows the Three Guitarristas will have this year, as San Angelo one of his favorite West Texas towns.

This is will be the second year the Three Guitarristas have gotten together, and William was truly honored to be a part of it. Laughing, he told me when he was invited last year to join, his first thought was, ‘Why? Why are you guys doing this? Are you going to back out at the last minute? Is this going to be some cruel joke?’ And he was just blown away to be invited on the tour, the fact that he gets to do it again is just, in his own words, ‘Jeez’. So, I’ll take that to mean he is honored.

Now, he did admit that this kind of acoustic tour is all about having fun and enjoying what they do. He pointed out that having a full band always has some kind of stress factor involved, but the Three Guitarristas tour is relatively stress free.

If you’ve ever wondered about the lineup, William explained it easily. When he first jumped on the bus and went to introduce himself to Randy Rogers, the first thing Randy said was, ‘Since you’re the new guy, you have to play after Sean.”

I can see how that might be daunting because William admitted that Sean McConnell ‘has probably the best voice he’s ever heard in his life”.

Wrapping up the interview, I asked William what was next, and get excited y’all, because he is coming out with a new album, Ringlin’ Road, which will be released in April 2015. With the amazing amount of success that his last record, Rose Queenhad, William thinks they have one upped it with Ringlin’ Road.

With that in mind, I cannot wait for April to roll around -- if you haven't listened to Ringlin' Road's single, Sympathy, it's embedded below.

You can find the full interview here.

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