Bonnie Bishop has one of those voices that just gets stronger and bolder over the years. She has been recording and touring professionally for 14 years and finally, appears that she has hit her breakout stride!

Bishop has billed herself as a country singer/songwriter for the majority of her 14-year-long career playing endless gigs in beer joints and dance halls across the U.S. and Europe. In 2013, while on a fall European tour, after years of traveling alone, sleeping in her van and setting up shows on her own, she collapsed. Upon returning to Nashville, she had a mental breakdown.

She had pretty much convinced herself that her career was not going anywhere and decided to get out of the business and give up her dream.

Then Bonnie was introduced to Dave Cobb, a very successful producer in Nashville who has worked with some of the top artist in the business. He was very impressed with her and agreed to produce an album with her if she would agree that it would be a blues album, not a country album.

Well, they did it and after 14 years of struggling in relative obscurity as a Texas/Indie country artist, Bishop has reinvented herself as a soul singer. Bonnie says that Dave did for her what she had been trying to do her whole career and that is to pull out the soul influences that she has always felt.

When the album was finished, Bishop knew she had a great record on her hands. An executive from the powerful Thirty Tigers label was invited to come hear what they’d made in the studio and loved it. He loved it so much, he has put the whole power of Thirty Tigers behind this record. For the first time in her life, Bishop has a team managing nearly every aspect of her newly revived career.

Her new album is called 'Ain't Who I Was' and was released just a few days ago on May 27th. Bonnie is back on the road promoting it all over the country. Go get 'em Bonnie!!




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