My work out diary, the suffering of me spelled out for you so you can laugh your heart out!

Tonight was my second time to go to Camp Gladiator with Nick Lafave, after work out one I was so sore and didnt know if I was going to be able to walk or not. After two days the soreness was worked out and I felt pretty good about my self.

Flickr-Port of San Diego
Flickr-Port of San Diego

Session number 2 was a daunting task for me to complete, upon arrival we all circled up and stretched out like normal but this time there were no cones or dry erase board that would normally have our work out routine posted on it. Today Nick took us on a 2 mile run with a twist. A twist you say yes we took off on our journey from  Kids Kingdom Park  on the chat running lane down by the Concho River, we ran for a mile and Nick had us stop. He looked around and made a quick motion to the picnic tables where we proceeded to do push ups, elevated dips and quick feet on the cement curb. After four rounds of those exercises we took back off the way we came for our last mile run. Nick swore that the second mile was going to be easier than the first because we would be on a "runners high". I looked at him like he was crazy but it hit me about half way back to our finish that this was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Once everyone was back at the finish we proceeded to do 4 sets of an abdominal work out that everyone struggled to complete but managed to succeed at.

I will say that the second session was a bit easier than the first and I feel so much better about my self. Nick pushed each of us to the point of getting past what we thought we couldn't do and showed us that working out is more of a mental game than a physical game. I encourage you to check out the video from a Camp Gladiator in Dallas to get the feel of the attitude of the camp. I will tell you that its not for the weak at heart but it will make you stronger. Call Anytime Fitness and ask for Nick Lafave to get enrolled in Camp Gladiator with me!

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