Ok, lets face it no one likes to work out if your out of shape but we all know we could stand to use a few extra pounds. Here is my online diary of working out start to finish over the next 3 months.

We all hate to face the music so to speak but at some point we will all tell ourself that I have got to loose some weight and get back into shape. Easier said than done in our instant gratification kind of society we want results now and with minimal effort, but we all know that there is just no such thing as the miracle pill.

Today (October 1) I started my first Gladiator Camp with Nick Lafave from Anytime Fitness in San Angelo. He is an awesome trainer that pushes folks to their limits and helps you achieve goals. My goal that I have set is to loose 30 pounds by Christmas. Nick reassured me that we can accomplish that goal with hard work, proper dieting(my least favorite) and more hard work.


Todays work out consisted of doing a insane warm up that I thought was going to be the meat and potatoes of the work out but turns out it was only a small portion. We started by doing 3 five minuet sessions of squat jumps, Burpees, and push ups. Then we moved on to some agility work with shuffles quick feet, and sprinting. Thats not even the worst part, that was when we all lined up and did quick foot switches on the curbs and jumping jacks while one person ran a set of lines and we continued until every person in the class had run their set of lines.

What a tough day but I am looking forward to the results hard work will bring for me. I encourage you to think about joining a class today by visiting our friend Nick Lafave at Anytime Fitness.

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