Cody Canada just had a birthday on May 25th. I guess a pretty cool way to celebrate it is to have the number one song on the Texas Music Charts this week!.....

Cody has been around the block a few times. By the time Cody was in his mid-twenties, he and his band Cross Canadian Ragweed were being hailed as the fathers of the Red Dirt resurgence. Cody fronted Ragweed for 16 years with his songs and his direction before the band broke up in 2010.

After the breakup of Ragweed, Canada formed The Departed with Seth James. That lineup would ultimately breakup. After restructuring The Departed with new musicians it appears that the band has settled into a firm lineup with staying power and Canada says that he has gotten back to the sound he always knew was his.

They recorded and released the album Hippielovepunk' in Jaunary of 2015 and it is still going strong.

Big hit singles from that album include 'Inbetweener', 'Easy', 'Great Big Nothing', and now another one which is sitting at number one this week called 'All Nighter'!

Happy Birthday Cody and congratulations on yet another top single from Hippielovepunk. Check it out in the above video!