There aren't many places in Texas with a pool that has its own historical marker.  Here in San Angelo, our City Municipal Pool was built by President Franklin Roosevelt's "New Deal". The WPA or Works Progress Administration began work on the pool in 1938.  It opened in 1939.  I can almost hear President Roosevelt's booming voice saying: "The only thing we have to fear is being overheated by the hot San Angelo sunshine."

Ok, he didn't quite say it that way, but the meaning was clear.

Photo: City of San Angelo
Photo: City of San Angelo

Our municipal pool has been through a lot over those years.  The last few years have been particularly hard on the pool. It is almost like some sort of curse has it our beloved historic pool. The water filtration system failed.  The parts to replace it were hard to find, like trying to fix a 1956 Chevy. There were lightening strikes on the pool and the 2021 deep freeze didn't do the pipes any good for sure.

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All this has lead to major delays this year in opening the pool.  However, in a recent interview, City Recreation Manager Brent Davis has promised that the pool will re-open soon. "Soon?"  I think I would feel a lot better if "soon" was an actual hard date.

Recreation officials wanted the pool open by the July 3rd Fireworks Show, but even working overtime and in the same harsh heat the pool will go so far to help quench, that date was missed. However, with new waterslides and decking, the pool will be worth the wait when it finally does open.

Don't wait till the last minute.  There's only a few swimsuit shopping days left before the pool suddenly opens and real summer heat relief can begin in San Angelo.  I can't help but believe somewhere President Roosevelt is smiling down on us, knowing his legacy continues to bring joy to so many.  Perhaps now, the only thing we have to fear, is not having our swimsuit body ready in time.

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